The Vogue Australia & Argyle Pink Diamonds 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

Vogue Australia and Argyle Pink Diamonds are synonymous with several things – luxury, beauty, elegance, to name a mere few. As such it goes without saying that The Vogue Australia & Argyle Pink Diamonds 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender was a perfect depiction of these enchanting qualities. Hosted in the Shangri-La Sydney’s Altitude Restaurant, the event utilised the venues glittering harbour views to compliment and perfectly enhance the gems on display. Luscious arrangements of cream and blush roses and enormous, pearly white orchids continued on the luxury theme; and guests were serenaded by Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos and Mozart’s Divertimento’s, courtesy of Salt String Quartet. Displaying the central traits of the Classical Style – clarity and balance – these pieces, Bach’s in particular, are known for their parity of individual melodic, rhythmic and harmonious elements; rendering them a natural accompaniment to the diamonds that are described as one of the Earths most mysterious, captivating and miraculous natural treasures.

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It was truly our pleasure to work on such an outrageously gorgeous event. As an added perk, the Salt Strings ladies were delighted to learn that they would be dressed by Carla Zampatti for the day. As far as luxury goes, I’m not sure it gets much better than that.



Thanks for having us Vogue Australia and Argyle Pink Diamonds! Looking forward to more collaborations in the future.


From Sydney’s Premier Wedding DJ, DJ Damo: DJ + Live Band = Perfect Marriage!

All you wonderful brides and grooms have so many decisions to make… Set dessert or candy buffet? Roses or orchids? Where to seat Uncle Dave so that he will cause the least embarrassment?

And then it comes to choosing wedding entertainment, and you’re wondering, do we go with a live band or DJ?

A live band will take your wedding reception into the party stratosphere with the excitement that can only come with live musicians. But a DJ can play virtually any song in recorded history, and comes in a budget friendly package.

So, here’s the solution. As the little girl from the Old El Paso Taco ad says, “Why not both?”

In the last year, Funkified has started putting a DJ with live bands as a premium wedding entertainment package. As a DJ, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the best two bands in Sydney, The Usual Suspects and Lets Groove Tonight. And I can tell you from six years experience, they’ve been the best wedding receptions I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. 

Here’s how it works. When the band takes a break between sets to breathe, regroup, and plan out their next party busting set, the DJ takes over the performance duties, seamlessly segueing into the next track to keep the dance floor pumping! As a DJ I can easily take requests that a band might not be able to do at the last minute, and I can also play more recent songs so that everyone’s musical tastes can be satisfied.

So for your reception, consider adding the versatility of a DJ to the blistering energy of a live band and get the absolute best of both worlds!