Wedding Feature – Shiana and Guy

A few Saturday’s ago, we were lucky enough to provide the wedding music for a truly wonderful and very much in-love couple. Shiana and Guy hosted one of the most memorable weddings we have had the privilege of being involved with, so we thought we would share the details to hopefully provide some inspiration for others!

Who: Shiana and Guy

Date: Saturday, 11th September 2010

Venue: Sergeant’s Mess, Chowder Bay Road, Cremorne NSW

No. of Guests: 160

The Music

Band: Soulstice as a 7-piece. Featuring male and female vocals, saxophone, piano, guitar, bass and drums.

MC: Funkified Entertainment wedding consultant, Gus Stephenson, performed the role of MC on the night, introducing the bridal party, announcing the bridal waltz and inviting guests to the dance floor.

Soulstice, with singer Nat Conway
Soulstice with Singer Nat Conway

Song Requests:

Bridal Waltz – ‘Fallen’ by Lauren Wood

Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Dance – ‘Love Is Real’ by Al Green – ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac


 What Made Their Wedding Stand-Out

Guy and Shiana’s wedding was such a fun occasion from beginning to end. The two of them had really thrown themselves into embracing their culture, and had an emphasis on making sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

Shiana is of Sri Lankan background, so it was important to her that this play an important role in the festivities. After disappearing from the reception for 10 minutes, Shiana re-emerged dressed in a sari and began dancing to the Baila music that was being played through the PA, with Guy joining her. This celebration of Shiana’s heritage added a wonderful cultural element to the wedding, and had all of their guests, young and old, cheering her on, then getting up and dancing to the Sri Lankan music themselves.

Later in the night, throughout which the guests had remained glued to the dance floor, Guy took to the stage himself. With microphone in hand, and backed by the band, an animated Guy performed ‘She’s Got The Look’ by Roxette for his new wife, to a highly enthusiastic audience. We’ve mentioned it before – singing with the band is a fantastic way to express yourself to your partner, and really gets your guests on the dance floor. After all, you have an entire band to back you!

The Cake

Guy and Shiana’s delicious wedding cake was created by Faye Cahill Cake Design. The cake was three tiers in a pyramid shape, iced in champagne and featuring black hand painted script with the couples names. It also had two large handmade icing flowers in striking red. Flavours were chocolate mud, vanilla/rose petal and white chocolate.

Photos to come soon!


Standard Instrumental Configurations For Covers Bands

So you know who and what you’re booking with your band!

9-piece band
9-piece band


Singer, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer, Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer x 2 (male and female), Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer x 2 (male and female), Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer x 2 (male and female), Trumpet, Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer x 3 (male and 2x female), Trumpet, Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer x 2 (male and female), Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Singer x 3 (male and 2x female), Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Singer x 2 (male and female), Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Drums

Of course, these configurations can be mixed up and changed, depending on the particular bands and your personal tastes. However this is a general guide, and can be used for a starting point, so you know what you can get to fit in with your venue, budget and amount of guests,

Wedding Ceremony Music: Want Something Different?

Wedding Ceremony Music: Want Something Different?

Sick of hearing the same old wedding music? Want to make your ceremony really stand out from the rest?

Funkified Entertainment

If your vision is to have a ceremony that’s anything but a cliché, then consider your music selections, and what you really want your choices to express. The following options may be a little left of centre, but can sometimes create just the right atmosphere and emotion that you’re after:

Wind Quartet

Consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, a wind group can perform the usual ceremony repertoire with a unique twist. Able to draw upon similar song list to a string quartet, a wind quartet will resonate well in a large space, and are able to perform outdoors without any problems. Having a flautist perform at your ceremony will add a romantic, lilting touch, and the support from the other instruments will serve to fatten out the overall sound.

Sourcing a wind quartet can prove to be challenging. The best method by far is to approach either an entertainment agency or well-known conservatorium. Endorsement by either an agency or music institution will ensure that the musicians are trained professionals, and familiar with performing in this setting.

A Cappella Group

If you or your partner are avid fans of barbershop quartets, this could be the perfect fit for you. Good a cappella ensembles will generally be able to perform from an extensive repertoire and will accept song requests, so that you can have a say in what you walk down the aisle to. A cappella groups also have the added positive of allowing you songs with lyrics, not just melodies. This can open up an entire range of options based on the words as well as the music.

If possible, make sure you see the group first, or at least hear a recording. There are many amateur (and sometimes out-of-tune!) vocal ensembles out there, whom you will want to avoid at all costs.

Irish Pipes

Good Irish pipe musicians can be difficult to find in Australia. However if you have Irish or Celtic roots, and would like to play homage to them, then this is something you may want to consider. Having a key part of your wedding that connects with your (or your partner’s) cultural heritage will add a personal touch (and is also guaranteed to please your relatives!).

Irish pipe players play from a range of traditional and more modern Celtic songs and ballads. This instrument is wonderful in its ability to play more than one melodic line – but it’s important to make sure you find an experienced piper. Bad Irish pipe playing is…well, bad!

Latin Trio

It may seem an odd suggestion, but if you want your ceremony to stand out from the rest, why not have a Latin band perform? Obviously only appropriate for secular ceremonies, a Latin band will inspire a fun and light-hearted atmosphere for you celebration, and is guaranteed to entertain your guests as they arrive and wait for the formalities to commence

For celebratory moments, such as the recessional, a Latin band will certainly provide a festive effect, and should have your guests tapping their feet before the reception has even started.